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Oboe and Reed-Making Lessons

About the
Amarillo Oboe Academy

The oboe is a riveting instrument, but it is certainly not an easy one. When I got my start on the oboe in 5th grade, I remember feeling the frustration and isolation that can come from choosing such a unique instrument. I was the only oboist in my band and it was hard to make progress by myself. It wasn't until I started taking lessons with an amazing private teacher that I found my voice on the oboe and gained my confidence as a musician. Luckily, the long-term benefits of playing the oboe far outweigh any initial drawbacks, but it can still be hard to overcome instrumental (and reed) challenges without expert help. 

This is where I come in. 

My goal as a teacher is to help students not just survive on the oboe but to thrive. Through weekly lessons with me, students will develop the skills needed to be expressive and confident performers. 

My studio, called the Amarillo Oboe Academy, is based in Amarillo, TX. I offer oboe and reed-making lessons to students across the region. Whether you're a beginner, college-bound, or an adult amateur musician, I am here for you. All skill levels are welcome! 

Ready to get started?

If you're interested in joining Kathleen's private studio or have questions about lessons, reach out below!

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