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I am passionate about helping students cultivate their musical skills and make progress toward their life and career goals. I find great joy in teaching and hearing my students advance as artists! 


Explore this page and my Teaching Philosophy to learn more about my process and teaching goals for university and private studios!  


My primary teaching goal is to foster confident, independent musicians who have strong convictions about what they want to say musically and the necessary skills to share those ideas in their performances.


My teaching focuses on the importance of fundamentals, an objective process for reed-making, and a thoughtful, detailed approach to the preparation of repertoire, all done in a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

"The most memorable moment I had while Kathleen Bell was my oboe teacher was my very first lesson, when I was learning how to make a sound on the oboe. She sat next to me and demonstrated what to do. I remember thinking that her sound was so full and beautiful and to be able to hear that kind of professional playing up close was an amazing experience. 
She is such a natural pedagogue, emphasizing technical proficiency while still maintaining a fun and musically fulfilling environment that furthered my love and interest for oboe long after I had graduated."

Jamie A.,

Owner of Oboe Duck Reeds

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